What Is A Visual Story

Stories That Move Mountains is a step-by-step guide to creating a visual story.

But what is a visual story?

A visual story is an illustration of your entire proposal all on a single page. It is a compelling, rich, carefully constructed argument, with evidence, thought-provoking information, a supporting metaphor, and customer-focused appeal that allows your idea to truly stand out, and empowers your customer to take action.

As we discuss the idea of a visual story, we provide specific examples of how a single image can go from ordinary, to compelling, and sometimes, to go “viral.” An image that goes viral is the ultimate goal of a visual story, because the illustration is so compelling that your customers will share it with others, becoming the vector by which dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people become aware of the strength of your argument.

A visual story does not happen by accident. It must be carefully constructed. As a result, very few truly successful visual stories exist. For many years, the authors have been “on the hunt” for the techniques, tools, and practices that allow normal business and technical professionals to produce one of these gems.

As a result of years of practice, study, and fine-tuning, the authors have invented the CAST method. CAST is understandable for everyone, and breaks down the effort needed to produce a visual story into discrete steps that any professional can follow.

As this web site develops, return for examples of Story Maps along with a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each.