CAST process

The CAST process is a simple, powerful process for developing a truly exceptional visual story.  Martin, Nick, and Mark have been working for years to learn, understand, and distill the ideas from a wide array of experts in the fields of business influence, storytelling, and visual design.  From this work, we developed a process that is easy to learn yet powerful enough to convince skeptics, build consensus, and Move Mountains.

In order to remember how to follow the CAST process, the authors of Stories that Move Mountains have created a simple visual checklist called a Story Map.  Following through the story map allows anyone to improve the presentations that they create, regardless of the form or format of that presentation.

We have provided a list of different resources for donwload including a blank story map and a story map with prompts to help you fill out the section. You will find these in the Resources category.

For your convenience, you can download the following PDF files directly from this page:
Blank Story Map
Story Map with Prompts