New content – Training workbook and presentation tester

Over the last 6 months I’ve delivered a number of workshops on Visual Storytelling, typically following the sequence from the book with the audience using a workbook I created to help them develop their own story structure in exercises through the day. It contains a series of templates from the book and some new sections to help get your thoughts together as you plan your content.

That workbook is now available for you to download and use.

There is a new template at the end that I’ve been developing in the last 6 months to help evaluate presentations. It builds on the ideas in the book, but is intended to be used while you are listening to someone do their presentation so you can provide better feedback. Here’s a completed example.

The example records 20 minutes of a presentation, with a note taken approximately every minute. During the note taking I recorded whether the content I was hearing was related to the Why, What, How or What If, and separated the key aspects of what I was seeing compared to what I was hearing. Together these help to ensure content is covering the different aspects for the audience, and that the visuals and presenter’s speech work together, but are not simply a repetition (which is what you get if someone is reading from the slides).

The timeline columns are used to mark whether the presenter is talking about the past, the present or the future. There’s no rule here, but a good tip – it’s good to look back, and to explain where you want to be, and over the duration of the presentation to move more from the past/current state to the future. By the end of the presentation your audience is focused on where your audience wants to be, not on the current issues.

Finally the last column indicates how you feel during the presentation, whether there is a ‘tension’ or situation developing, or whether you are starting to feel things are being resolved. Remember here the story arc from chapter 10.

In the future I will create a recording of an example presentation and notes being taken with it, but until then please play with this and let me have your feedback.


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