Don’t repeat your message in your Images

As I continue to read through the notes I’ve made in the last year one stands out as guidance I give verbally in every training course.

In presentations we often see people reading from their slides – and it is annoying. So let’s all agree not to do that anymore.

In a similar vein, the next most common failing is to talk about the image and repeat the message that is on it. I was reminded of this in a great posting about how to write TV news stories:

“For example, I was writing a story about a police officer memorial, and I wanted to write to a shot of a sign on a storefront in the small town that read, ‘CLOSED IN HONOR OF TONY AND MATT.’ Instead of saying in my track, “Several stores closed so they could attend the memorial for the fallen officers,” I wrote, “Honor is something that causes people to put their normal lives on hold for just a moment.”

I recommend reading the full posting this came from, and looking through the rest of the blog it is from. There is a lot of great content on how to write from the perspective of a journalist.

If you use a great image, then use your words to add to it, not repeat it.


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